9 Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally


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Immune system of the body is a defence system that protects you from varying illness. And diseases by fighting against various viruses, bacteria and pathogens. However, it is extremely important to keep your immunity up to the level. So, it can protect your body and keep you healthy. In present time, due to outbreak of COVID-19 caused by coronavirus. It has become more important to boost your immunity. Because, it affects life of people who have less immunity due to some or the other reasons.

Therefore, keeping good immunity gives you good health. And Your Immune System Can fight against various viruses and bacteria. And keeps you healthy physically as well as mentally. Meanwhile, You Can Also Download The Health App to keep Yourself Fit. This article will tell you different ways to boost immunity and keep you healthy and fit.

9 Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

how to boost immune system naturally, food to boost immune system, best food to boost immunity, Boost Immunity food, how to improve immunity easily

1. Eating a healthy diet

It is very necessary to eat a healthy diet full of all the nutrients required by the body. There are various vegetables and fruits that can help you build your immune system and protect your body. For example, Vitamin C is extremely important for your body specially in time of fever. But since your body can’t itself make this vitamin.

Therefore, we can take fruits like kiwis, lemon and other cruciferous vegetables to fulfil body’s requirements. Protein which you can get from meat, seafood and also from various vegetables is also important for your body. Therefore, in order to boost up your immunity it is necessary to add vegetables. For Example – brocolli, spinach, carrots and other healthy vegetables.

2. Keeping stress under control

Having stress is also a reason for keeping immunity low. Taking stress leads to release of cortisol which is benefial for a time. However, when cortisol is released for a long time then it blocks immune system to function properly. Therefore, prevents it from fighting against the viruses and bacteria. Meanwhile, it is important to keep yourself free from stress. There are various ways like exercise, meditation and deep breathing which can help you do it.

3. Getting proper sound sleep

It is very important to get proper sound sleep. It rejuvunates circulatory system and as well release important cells like cytokines, interleukin 12 and T cells. These Cells strengthen the immunity and helps immune system to fight against diseases. Sleep deprivation can also cause release of cortisol which blocks immune system when released for longer time. Also it makes immune system less functional to fight against various viruses and bacteria. Therefore getting a 7-9 hours sound sleep is very important.

4. Regular exercising

Doing exercise is an important aspect to boost your immunity. Exercising in open air can prevent you getting obese and by preventing obesity. It protects you from diseases like Type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Also while exercising, body releases endorphines which stimulates and produce pleasure and inhibit stress. According to research, doing exercise affects body on a cellular level thus distributing all the cells of immune system. So as to look for damaged cells and help improve immunity.

5. Stop smoking cigarettes

It is also an important factor in inhibiting immunity of the body. Cigarette smoking releases carbon monoxide, nicotine. These interfere cells of immune system and affects immunity and the body becomes more prone to infection. However, smoking affects the lungs and causes it’s infection, flu and diseases like pneumonia. Therefore, it is important to quit smoking so as to improve your immune system.

6. Having pets at home

To stimulate immunity as keeping pets keep your blood pressure and cholestrol levels lowers. As Compared to people who have no pets at home, according to research. Maintained BP helps to keep your heart healthy. By keeping pets, there is reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. However, pets love to go out on walk. Pet owners take their animals for a walk which also helps them. As walking is also a part of exercise and it has it’s own benefits as mentioned above. Therefore, it is recommended to keep pets as they give you company and as well as boost your immune system.

7. Consumption of alcohol should be limited

According to studies, it is shown that increased and over consumption of alcohol can affect your immune system. It Can lower your immunity. This affects the body in a bad way For your immune system. Immune System is not able to protect your body from various illness. Therefore, it is recommended that a woman should take only 1 glass. And man should consume 2 glasses of alcohol in a day to the max.

8. Avoid infection

This is also an important way to boost up your immunity. Maintaining hygiene and washing hands thouroughly at regular intervals is important to avoid infections. Also another important thing is to wash meats and vegetables. Some of them may contain an insect that can go inside and affect your body. Therefore, washing them is necessary as they can affect immune system and lower your immunity. However, making your body incapable of fighting against the diseases.

9. Getting more cozy on bed

Studies have showed that sex also in a way boosts immunity. Couples who have more sex had higher level of cells for fighting against diseases. Therefore, making immune system stronger. Hence, sex not only gives you pleasure and makes you happy. But it also improves and boosts your immunity thus making you stronger and healthy.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to boost up your immunity. Specially these days when there is outbreak and spread of coronavirus. These are few things that can help you boost and improve your immune system. That would fight against various pathogens and keep you healthy and strong.


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