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PUBG Redeem Code 2020 – Get Premium Crate, Outfits, Gun Skins


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Hello friends, we are back with a new trick and this time it may be your favourite one. This offer is for limited period of time. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

To get any kind of dress in PUBG or A Gun Skin, the game asks you to buy Uc And then purchase a Crate From it. Some of your friends must be teasing you by showing their dress and Gun skin’s collection.

However, Check These Offers Also

  1. Remove 6 Hours Time Limit In PUBG
  2. Get Free PUBG UC & PUBG Royale PassClick Here

Pubg Mobile is offering free premium crate to its users. Using your character Id you can obtain this crate within a small amount of time. Kindly note the steps that we are going to tell you so you don’t fall short from looting this trick.

We will provide you a PUBG Redeem Code which will give you PubG Premium Crate For Free. You can obtain the crate easily as we have mentioned the steps below.

PUBG Redeem Code – Free Premium Crate, Gun Skins, Dress

Today we are going to give you the Latest PUBG Redeem Codes. These Codes will Help You Get Free Premium Crates, Gun Skins and Dress. Although, The Redeem Codes are New but It May Not Work For You. However, Please Try and Comment Below which Redeem Code Gave You A Gift. Try these redeem codes one after the other. Meanwhile, Please Follow the Below Steps on How To Redeem These Codes.

  • Firstly, Copy Your Character Id From PUBG Mobile.
  • Secondly, Copy The Latest Redeem Code.
  • Now Go To PUBG Redeem Code Page!
  • Enter Your Character ID, Paste The Redeem Code.
  • After that, Fill The Captcha Correctly.
  • Now Go To PUBG Mobile. Click on Inbox.
  • Collect Your Free Gift From Our Side.

List of New PUBG Redeem Code Free – June 2020

This List Contains New PUBG Redeem Code of the Month June. Therefore, we would like to tell you that Redeem These Codes as soon as possible.

Get Free S12K Shotgun Skin

  • Firstly, Open PUBG Mobile & Click On Workshop.
  • Secondly, Select GunCraft Option & Click on GunCraft Spin.
  • After That, Lucky Draw Screen Will Appear, Click On Free “Spin of the Day”.
  • Now Collect Your Free Prize present Under Lucky Draw Option.
  • Reward For One Spin is S12K Skin.
  • Collect the Skin & Spin Daily To Get More Paint Bottles and other Free Stuff.

Free PUBG Premium Crate Coupon

  • Firstly, Open PUBG Mobile & Go To Events Tab.
  • Secondly, Click On Chicken Treasure Option.
  • After that, Tap On The Chicken Icon Present Below.
  • Tap To Open & Get Free PUBG Premium Crate Coupon.

PUBG Redeem Code For 2 Red Tea Popularity


Get 100 AG Coins & 1 Classic Crate Coupon Free

  • Firstly, Open PUBG Mobile.
  • Secondly, Go To Settings > Basic
  • After that, Click On Link Your Email.
  • Now Enter Your Email & Verify with an OTP Received on Your Mail.
  • After Successful Verification of Your Email, you will get Free 100 AG Coins & 1 Classic Crate Coupon.

Grab Popularity Canon Free (PUBG Redeem Code)

  • Firstly, Open PUBG Mobile & Copy Your Character ID From Profile Section.
  • Secondly, Copy The Redeem Code For Free PUBG Popularity Canon.


  • After that, Open PUBG Redeem Code Page!
  • Enter Your Character ID, PUBG Redeem Code & Verification Code.
  • Grab Free Popularity Canon Now. 😍

Get Orange Colour UMP Skin Free For 3 Days


List of New PUBG Redeem Code Free – April 2020

This is the Latest Redeem Code for Obtaining Fireworks & Dress. Please Redeem Fast as it may stop working at any time.

Grab Free UMP Skin With This Redeem Code


Get Scar-L Gun Skin For Free With This Redeem Code


Updated PUBG Redeem Code For Cool Cat Outfit
  • Firstly, Open The PUBG Redeem Code Link From Here!
  • Secondly, Tap On Register And Use Your Facebook Account.
  • Open PUBG Mobile And Copy Your Character Id.
  • Get The Cool Cat Outfit For Free Using This Method.
  • You Will Get This Outfit In Your PUBG Mobile Inbox.
Updated Free PUBG Redeem Code 2020


Updated Free PUBG Redeem Code 2020 For Golden Pan


PUBG Redeem Code For Fireworks & Outfit


List of New PUBG Redeem Code Free – March 2020

I Know Most of these Code do not work. Therefore, we try to find new Redeem Codes of PUBG Daily. Now We are Back with Another Free PUBG M416 Gun Skin Code.

PUBG Redeem Code For Premium Gun Skin


Get 3 Popularity Bike skin From this Pubg Redeem code


Get Free M416 Gun Skin From This PUBG Redeem Code


List of New PUBG Redeem Code Free – February 2020

These Codes are Latest for Our Users. We only Promote code which are Eligible For redemption. You can Try All the codes one after the other. Meanwhile, Please read below on how to redeem PUBG codes.

Please Note – We Only Post Working PUBG Redeem Codes. Some Codes May or May Not Work. Because, These are available for Limited Users. And Available in Certain Regions Only. Kindly Visit our Website daily to Stay Updated and become the First one to Grab Free Reward.

#1. Get Wanted Carlo Character Vouchers For Free (Working)
  • Firstly, Open PUBG Mobile. Go To Events Tab.
  • Secondly, Go To Time Limited and Tap On Wanted – Carlo Character Option.
  • After that, Go To Share Carlo Button and Don’t Share Just Tap on Save to Phone Option.
  • Now Click On Save To Phone Option and The Mission is Completed.
  • However, Now Complete Today’s mission & save for tomorrow.
  • Get 60 UC Carlo Coupon For Free.
#2. Get 3 Popular Bike skin From this Pubg Redeem code


#3. Get A Free Companion With This PUBG Redeem Code


#4. Get Free Limited-Time AKM Gold Skin With This PUBG Redeem Code


  • KARZBZYTR – Redeem this promo code to get the Kar98 Gun Skin
  • S78FTU2XJ – Redeem this promo code to get the Gun Skin
  • TIFZQZANGC – Redeem this promo code to get a legendary outfit
  • TIFZBHZK4A – Redeem this promo code to get a legendary outfit
  • TIFZBJZWMN – Redeem this promo code to get a legendary outfit
  • TIFZBIZACZG – Redeem this promo code to get a legendary outfit

List of Latest PUBG Redeem Code – January 2020

  1. H27CKW92
  2. G4BH6D77
  3. T7VK5F1G
  4. IW9F6WJJ
  5. 5FG10D33
  6. AJXJ57WU
  7. IDN8W9D6

Try These one by one. We are sure that these redeem codes will provide you Free Gun Skin. Or A Free Premium Crate. Now For Free UC Redeem Code Please Check The Below List of Free PUBG UC Redeem Code.

  1. 350 UC + 50 UC – WD454CDE
  2. 5000 UC + 500 UC – GG54DR21
  3. 150 UC + 10 UC – 8EJ27DJB
  4. 600 UC + 60 UC – 8DJ28DKI
  5. 700 UC + 70 UC – KD9C62B5

These Free UC Codes will also work on the same Redeem Page. Please Read the steps carefully before starting the Process. Comment Below Which Code worked for You.

PhonePe PUBG Offer – Get Free Gifts Upto Rs.849

This is the Latest offer of PUBG Mobile. Therefore, You have to be Really quick to get this. Most of the people are Playing PUBG because of the free time. Due to Corona Virus Govt. Has Imposed a Permanent Ban on Going out from home. However, If you want to avail this offer you must have PhonePe UPI.

  • Firstly, Open PhonePe App.
  • Secondly, Recharge Google Play Credits using phonepe.
  • After that, You will get Free Premium gifts with Rs 200 Discount from PlayStore.
  • Purchase Now to Get the Co

Get PUBG Premium Crate & Legendary Outfit For Free

  • Firstly, Open PUBG Mobile game in your Phone.
  • Secondly, Go to Events Tab then Click On Time Limited.
  • After That, Tap on Sankranti Kites Festival Option.
  • Now Tap On Get Once Option From Bottom.
  • Now Complete Daily Missions And Collect Dice.
  • By Collecting These Dice You Will Get Your Favourite Items.
  • Roll The Dice And Get Your Favourite Dress or Skin or Scrap.
  • This Only Depends on Your Luck.

Free PUBG Redeem Code For Legendary OutfitVEKZBZRDM

  • Firstly, Copy The Latest PUBG Redeem Code.
  • Secondly, Note Down Your Character ID Somewhere.
  • After That, Open PUBG Redeem Code Page!
  • Enter PUBG Redeem CodeCharacter ID & Then Verify By Entering The Captcha.
  • After that, Open PUBG Mobile Game. Go To Inbox.
  • Collect The Latest Legendary Outfit.
  • Stay Connected For More Redeem Codes.

PUBG Redeem Code For Orange M416 Skin (January 2020)

  • Firstly, Copy The Latest PUBG Redeem Code.
  • Secondly, Note Down Your Character ID Somewhere.
  • After That, Open PUBG Redeem Code Page!
  • Enter PUBG Redeem Code, Character ID & Then Verify By Entering The Captcha.
  • After that, Open PUBG Mobile Game. Go To Inbox.
  • Collect The Latest Orange M416 Skin.
  • Stay Connected For More Redeem Codes.
  • Meanwhile, Try The Latest Method For Getting Free PUBG UC. Click Here!

PUBG Redeem Code – Get Free 200 UC In Every Account [100% Working]

  • Firstly, Open The PUBG Game.
  • Secondly, Try this Redeem Code only if you have 200 UC in your account.
  • After that, Tap on Above Cubic Icon and tap on Bonus Reward Option.
  • Tap on + ICON and Redeem 1000 Battle Coins for 100 UC.
  • Redeem Again 1000 battle Coins for 100 UC.
  • Go to Mail Box now and Collect your 2000 Battle Coins.
  • Go back Again to Cubic Icon.
  • Now tap on Bonus Reward Option.
  • After that, Tap on 300 UC Pack for 2000 Battle Coins and Redeem it.
  • Meanwhile, Collect 300 UC From Your PUBG Mail Box.
  • However, Follow the steps once again and Make a profit of 100 UC Again.
  • Perform this 2 times only. Because this will work for 4000 Battle Coins Only.
  • In Other words, you will receive 200 UC For Free.

Get Free PUBG UC 6000 + 2100 [Latest Offer]

  • Firstly Open the Google Play Store. After That, Click On the Side Bar & Open Account.
Updated Code – 51ZGXQG0QJ37J1WU9U89EZV
  • Go To Rewards Options & Enter Code: 3VUFZ68L52E3KFARRYL01MP in Redeem Codes Option.
  • Update Code – 51ZGXQG0QJ37J1WU9U89EZV
  • ₹140 will be added to the Google credits.
  • If not, try another Google account because it is a user-specific offer.
  • Secondly, Open Google Opinion app.
  • Select Country – USA, Then Enter Postal Code: 100104.
  • After That Open PUBG, then Click on Buy UC.
  • You will be able to buy UC For Free. If the Above Codes Are Successfully Redeemed.
  • This Trick May Ban Your PUBG Account, but you may create a New Account & Gift your Real Account with a Free Royale Pass.

Pro Player PUBG Tricks & Tips

  • Firstly, Use Headphones To Hear Your Enemy’s Footsteps.
  • Secondly, Try To Play Safe. Land In Safe Areas.
  • Use The Map To Keep A Check Where Most Players Are About To Jump.
  • Always Remember To Check FootPrints, If Any Shown On The Map.
  • Keep The BackGround Music Off.
  • Reload After Knocking Your Enemy.
  • Always Use A Scope For A Longer Distance Kill.
  • Don’t Use 8X Scope With Kar98. As The Bullet Will Drop.
  • Use A ShotGun, If You Like To Rush & Kill.
  • Check For The Play-Zone. After Every SafeZone Ends.

Get PUBG Prime Membership For Rs.29 (Latest UC Tricks)

  • Firstly, Open PUBG Mobile. Go To Subscriptions Tab.
  • Secondly, Tap On Prime Membership That is of Rs.79
  • After That, Playstore Payment Option will Open.
  • During Payment Select Google Pay As Your Payment Method.
  • Get Guranteed Rs.50 Cashback From Google Pay.
  • However, You Can Also Buy Prime Plus, but the discount will be of Rs.50 Only
[Working] Get 60 UC + One Premium Crate + One Classic Crate + 2 Supply Crates At Just Rs.40

1. Firstly, Open Play store and Go to Notifications.

2. Secondly, Tap on Enjoy Rs.200 OFF PUBG Voucher.

3. Go to PUBG Mobile and Select Sale Option Near Events Tab. Buy it For Just Rs.40 and Rs.200 OFF Coupon will be automatically applied.

4. Enjoy!!

[over] Get One Premium Crate + 30 UC Coupon Free :
  • Firstly, Open PUBG Mobile and Go to Pumpkin Draw Option.
  • Secondly, Tap on Scarecrow Option.
  • After that Tap On Open.
  • You will Get Free Premium Crate.
  • Further, Go to Pumpkin Draw and Tap on DropBox and Get 30 UC Coupon.
[PUBG Loot] Psycopath Mask + Psycopath Set +Supply Crate Coupon + QBZ Skin
  1. Firstly, Open PUBG Mobile Game and Go to PARTY INVITATION from Bottom.
  2. After that, Tap On Phantom QBZ Accept Button First.
  3. Moreover, Come Here Daily and Collect all Rewards till Day 3.
  4. However, Collect Day 1 Rewards which is psychopath Mask For Free.

Use PUBG Redeem Code By Following These Steps

  1. Firstly, Open your PUBG Mobile Game and Go to Your Profile and Copy your Character ID Code.
  2. Secondly, Open Given Link in Your Default Browser – Click Here
  3. After That Paste your Character ID in BOX and Apply Given Code in Redeem Box.
Copy This Code
Latest Free PUBG Redeem Code - OENZBZGTN
  1. After that, Fill the Captcha and Click on Redeem.
  2. Meanwhile, It will Show you Your Profile Name so Just Confirm it and You’re Done!
  3. Meanwhile, Now Open PUBG Mobile Game and Go to Message Box and Redeem your Premium Create Now!!
  4. Press on the collect button. Now go to inventory and try your luck.
  5. I received M16A4 Skin From This Crate.
  6. Share In Comments What You Received From This Free Crate.



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