How To Increase RP Points Fast In PUBG Mobile?


Hello Everyone, This Article will help you Increase RP Points Easily. Today, we are going to share the most valuable Information about PUBG Mobile. Royal Points in PUBG Mobile give you Free Emotes and Gun Skin. However, You also get Free Silver Coins, Experience Increase Card, Gold, Premium Skins. Therefore, We found a new way to Increase RP Points in PUBG Mobile without any Trick.

RP Points are very useful, because when the game starts Your Name Appears on the Screen. All the other Players, in your Plane, are able to read your name. Moreover, this also makes them feel a little nervous. Because, the higher the RP of a Player, the more Aggressive he is while playing. Therefore, try the methods given below and Increase RP Points Faster than other players. This is more important for the Players who are having PUBG Royale Pass. Because, when they complete 100 Rank, 600 UC comes back.

Increase RP Faster In PUBG Mobile

There are several ways to Increase RP Points. Some of them can only be achieved by purchasing Royale Pass. Don’t Worry, we have posted the Latest Trick To Buy UC For Free. Now Pay Attention to the Methods given below and Achieve Rank 100 faster.

Complete Daily Missions

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  • Firstly, Open PUBG Mobile.
  • Secondly, Go To RP Mission Tab.
  • After that, Collect 10 RP Points daily Without Playing any Game.
  • This is the Most Easiest Way to Collect RP Without playing PUBG.
  • Daily Missions will Expire after 3 Days.

Complete Daily Events

You can easily Get 100 RP Points by Completing One Daily Event. Most of these are like Surviving In A Game For 30 Minutes. Daily Events are updated every Week. Therefore, you get 7 days to complete a daily event.

Increase RP, Get more RP Points fast, Faster Rank Push In RP Missions, How to increase RP points in pubg mobile, Free Rp points in pubg, easy RPrank push
  • Firstly, Open PUBG mobile.
  • Secondly, Go To Events Tab.
  • After that, You will find Daily Events.
  • On Every 7th Day, You will get New Daily Events.
  • However, There is a Time Limit to Complete these Events.

RP Missions Can Be Completed In TDM Matches

Yes, you heard it Right. Now you can complete RP Missions in TDM Matches. Most of us like to Play TDM Matches or other Arcade Matches. There are many RP Missions which take a lot of time In A Full Match to Complete. To Increase your RP Points faster try completing Daily Missions and some other missions with “Any Mode” Tag in TDM Match.

  • Firstly, Open RP Missions Tab.
  • Secondly, Find all the Missions that include “Complete in any mode”
  • After that, Play a TDM Match and try doing what the mission asked for.
  • You will RP Points easily without having to Play a Full match.
  • Daily Missions will Expire after 3 Days.

Some of these RP Missions Include:

  1. Kill 5 Enemy With A Grenade.
  2. Revive Teammates 5 Times.

Purchase PUBG Royale Pass

After Purchasing Royale Pass In PUBG, you can complete RP Missions Faster. Because there are more missions that comes Every Week. Elite Royale Pass owned players get 10 Missions In A Week. However, A Non-RP User gets 6 Missions. You can also complete Elite Missions With Mission cards. An Elite Pass mission gives you 50, 70, and 120 Royale Points, and as a result, you can increase your RP faster.

  • Royale Pass gives you double benefits.
  • You can Buy Elite Royale Pass, Complete RP & Get Another Royale Pass for the Next Season.
  • Use UC Earned After Achieving 100 RP Rank.

PUBG Royale Pass Season 13 Rewards

  • Firstly, You Get Puppet Agent Set with An AUG Skin.
  • Secondly, Get Power Ranger Mythic Outfit, the Vector Skin, four new emotes.
  • Out of these new items, Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger will unlock at Rank 50.
  • The Ultra Defender Set will unlock at Rank 100.
  • The entire season is based on the toy theme, and is labelled as the ‘Toy Playground.’

FAQ – Increase RP

How can I increase my RP fast?

You can Increase Your RP by completing Daily Missions, Daily Events. Login Daily and collect 10 RP Points. After Purchasing Royale Pass, You Get 10 Missions Per Week. Therefore, This will also boost Your RP Rank.

How can I get 100 RP?

Get 100 RP From Daily Events Tab. Complete an Easy Mission and Grab 100 RP Points.

How do you gain Rp in PUBG season 13?

Open PUBG Mobile Daily and Collect 10 RP Points from RP Missions Tab. Complete Daily Missions in TDM Matches. Open Daily Events From Events Tab, and get 100 RP Points For Missions.


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