How To Increase Speed of Jio Internet Using VPN Apps, APN Settings


How to increase jio internet speed, Increase speed of Jio, Jio Superfast internet connection, Jio latest apn settings, jio network bypass for websites

Hello Everyone, I Hope you are enjoying the Latest Jio Recharge Offers. Trying to Increase Speed of Jio? You are at the Right Place. Mostly all of us are using a Jio Sim. It has a Market of Almost 13 crore Indian users. Therefore, One thing that matters the most is Speed. Today we will give you various tricks to increase speed of Jio internet. To Increase the speed of Jio internet follow various method given below.

We will give you New APN Settings for Increasing the Speed of Jio. Jio Users can also bypass websites that are showing No Internet Connection. From this trick, Minimum Speed that you will get will be 500KBPS. However, we have already Tried and tested these Settings and Apps. Meanwhile, You must give a Try and Check whether these are working in your Area or not.

How to increase jio internet speed, Increase speed of Jio, Jio Superfast internet connection, Jio latest apn settings, jio network bypass for websites

Fast Jio 4G APN Settings

  • Firstly, All You have to do is Go To Settings.
  • Secondly, Open Mobile Networks.
  • After that Go To Access Point Names.
  • Now You Have To Create New Internet Settings. Click On Add Option.
  • Try This APN Setting.
  1. Name – JioBooster
  2. APN – jionet
  3. Proxy – Not Set
  4. Port – Not Set
  5. Username – JioBooster
  6. Password – Not Set
  7. Server –
  8. MMSC – Not Set
  9. MMS Proxy – Not Set
  10. MMS Port – Not Set
  11. MCC – 450
  12. MNC – 840
  13. Authentication Type – Not Set
  14. APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6
  15. APN Roaming Protocol – IPv4/IPv6
  16. Bearer – Select All but Leave unspecified.
  17. MVNO Type – None
  • After creating these Settings. Check your Internet Speed of Jio With Ookla.
  • Please Comment Below, if this Works in your Area.

Jio Speed Booster – Get Free Access To Blocked Websites

You can also increase speed of jio using VPN. By Installing the Below Apps you can Boost Your Internet Speed. You don’t have to modify anything in these apps. After using the VPN Apps you will be able to Open Blocked websites. Therefore, Follow the Below steps and have fun.

  • Firstly, Download Any App Like Turbo VPN, Thunder VPN, SuperVPN.
  • Secondly, After Installing the App Open It Normally.
  • Connect to Any Server Which is Automatically Choosen.
  • However, Wait For 30 Seconds.
  • After that, VPN will Connect You To That Best and Fastest Server.
  • Now Enjoy Amazingly Increased Speed Of Jio Net.

How to Increase Jio 4G Speed and Band Coverage?

To Increase your Jio 4G Speed try these methods. We have provided The Best Coverage and speed bands. You Can Check these Bands. You can try increasing Jio Internet Speed without Installing Any App. From This Method you just have to Open Dialer and Enter Some Codes.

  • Best coverage: Band 5 > Band 3 > Band 40.
  • Best speed: Band 40 > Band 3 > Band 5.

To increase speed follow these steps

  • Firstly, Open dialer and Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • Secondly, Select Phone Information option.
  • After that, Select “Set preferred network type”.
  • Select LTE Only.

Steps to increase Jio 4g speed For Qualcomm processor

  • Firstly, Install Shortcut Master (Lite) application from Play Store.
  • Secondly, Go to Menu and Search.
  • After that, Type “Service Menu” or “Engineering Mode” and search.
  • Now, Open if found and access to change LTE bands.

Steps to increase Jio 4G speed For MediaTek processor

  • Firstly, Install MTK Engineering Mode from play store.
  • Secondly, Open and Run the application.
  • After that, select ‘MTK Settings’.
  • After that, Select ‘BandMode’.
  • Select SIM slot where you have inserted your Jio SIM.
  • Now, Select ‘LTE mode’.
  • Meanwhile, Select band 40 for best speed, band 5 for best coverage.

Trick To Increase Download Speed For Jio

How to increase jio internet speed, Increase speed of Jio, Jio Superfast internet connection, Jio latest apn settings, jio network bypass for websites

Internet Speed Can also be boosted Using Different Browsers. Mostly, We all surf the internet using Google Chrome. But if you are Trying To Download anything file gets corrupted. Therefore, Use UC Browser To Surf More Faster. You Can Also Try Opera Mini Browser. It will also increase your internet surfing and Downloading speed. With UC Browser you can download any file With increased Jio Internet Speed. Now Follow the Steps and Download These two browsers.

  • Firstly, Download UC Browser or Opera Browser.
  • Secondly, Open UC Browser or Opera Normally.
  • Setup the browser and start surfing the internet.
  • To Know Your Increased Speed of Jio Internet. Put anything for downloading.
  • The Speed will be boosted and you will get you Downloaded Files with More Speed.

However, UC and Opera Saves Your Data Also. Auto Loading is the best option present in this browser. So Please Gives this Method and Test Your Connection Speed. For More increase speed of your Jio Internet connection. Try Closing Background Apps. You Can Block Background Data of some apps and Enjoy More Speed. Moreover, If You are downloading any file go to settings. Try to Check which app is Working in Background. Close the app and Enjoy More speed.


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