Shramik Special Trains Started – Know Fare, Route, Rules, Registration


Shramik Special Trains Started Due to The Outbreak of coronavirus. This Pandemic has affected people on large scale in India. India was first put in lockdown on 25th March for 3 weeks to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, this lockdown did not ended after 21 days. But continued to extend to cut ooff the spread of the coronavirus. But this lockdown brought many problems with it. Specially for the stranded workers, daily wagers, students, tourists and people went for work. With passing days in lockdown, it started affecting daily wagers. Because they have been too far from their home and did not have money along with no place to sleep and no food to eat.

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Therefore, they started walking long distance from one state to other. With the urge of going back to their houses anyhow. This lead to a loss of lot life. However, with increasing problems for the poor people and students specially stranded in other states. Government thought of providing help when lockdown 3.0 was to begin after 3 May for 2 more weeks. Therefore, for the same purpose MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS announced the running of special trains named as ‘SHRAMIK SPECIAL TRAIN’. To bring back thousands of stranded migrants from different states to their own state.

The main purpose behind running of these train was to bring back the stranded migrant workers, pilgrims, students, tourists and other people went for work to bring back to their home. Therefore these trains would run from point to point without any stop with the involvement of concerned State governments.
Therefore, it was decided that the first train that would run will be on 1st may, that is labour’s day. It ran successfully from Telangana to Jharkand carrying around 1200 migrant workers.

The Other Five ‘Shramik Special Trains’ Are

  1. Nasik to Lucknow
  2. Aluva to Bhubaneshwar
  3. Nasik to Bhopal
  4. Jaipur to Patna
  5. Kota to Hatia


According to the orders which Home ministry released, all the stranded people who wish to go back to their homes have to register and send in their personal and contact details to their respective state government portal. After which a list will be prepared for all the immigrants. Those whose name is present will only be able to travel from the train.

Only those people who have to travel by these special train are allowed to come on railway station as the suburban trains have been suspended. Therefore to ensure the prevention of spreding of coronavirus. No one except the passengers of this Shramik Special Train should arrive on the station.


  • The Railways and state governments have appointed a senior officer as nodal officer for every state who would be responsible for smooth functioning.
  • The passengers will be first screened at entry and only those which will show no symptom will be allowed to travel and rest will be sent to hospital.
  • The immigrants who have to travel will be brought in batches enough to be seated in the train. The buses by which they will come to railway station is fully sanitized. All passengers would maintain social distancing norms.
  • It is extremely important and necessary for the passengers be it workers or students to cover their faces and wear masks. Strict action would be taken against the people who would not follow or do not abide by the rule.
  • The passengers need not to buy anything as they will be provider by food and water by their state governments from their originating station.
  • While being seated in the train, passengers have to follow social distancing rules and maintain hygiene in the train whose responsibility is given to the nodal officer appointed.
  • After reaching to the destination, it is the sole responsibility of the nodal officer to make arrangements for screening and quarantine and also for sending them to their respective districts from the railway station as a precaution in preventing the spread of coronavirus.


According to the news issued on 3rd May,2020. It was noted that the the fare included charge for sleeper mail express train plus charge of ₹30 for superfast and additional charge of ₹20 which included food and drinking water as well. The fare for ticket should be collected by state authority from passengers. For Instance, workers and students after giving them the ticket. However, state government can also pay on their behalf.


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Everyday the count of these shramik special trains are increasing so that the stranded people can safely reach their homes. As for Friday, May 1 five of these trains operated. On Saturday, May 2, the number increased to 10 which were to Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh to migrate around 10,000 workers to their homes.


The government however is doing a great job in migrating all the stranded people who have become too short on money and even food. Therefore, by taking such steps and helping them reach their homes safely. The Indian Government is doing good in saving life of many.


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