What Is Houseparty App, Is It Safe To Download and Use the App


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In this quarantine period, when everything is shut and nobody is allowed to meet their friends and relatives. Then this Houseparty app has come up as a saviour. Houseparty app is owned by Epic Games. Download the Houseparty App From PlayStore. It’s a social networking site where you can do group chatting along with playing various games. Moreover, User spend around 51 minutes on the app on an average. There are notifications that pop up whenever your friend come online. Moreover, 8 people can join the video chat at once. It can easily work on mobiles and desktops.

However, there are various questions popping up about its safety. It is safe to use the Houseparty app or is it stealing your private data. These questions are bringing a kind of scare among the users of the app. Because of how attracting the app is and how it helps to pass the time.

Q1. What Is Houseparty App, Is It Safe?

In just a little time, Houseparty has become like a sensation. It Has an average of 2 million downloads in a week in March. But with raising fame, there is also increase in question of its safety. The internet started flowing with news by users of their other accounts Been Hacked. EBay, Netflix, Spotify, Instagram and as well as their Fifa account were hacked due to Houseparty app.

houseparty app download, houseparty app safe to use, What is House Party App, House party app hacked, houseparty app safe, houseparty app review

However, seeing all this the Houseparty app tweets stating the app to be safe and secure

“We are investigating indications that the recent hacking rumors were spread by a paid commercial smear campaign to harm Houseparty. We are offering a $1,000,000 bounty for the first individual to provide proof of such a campaign to bounty@houseparty.com”.

App Owner said that they gonna pay such a huge amount. If there is such accountancy of getting hacked. Meanwhile, in a statement the service say that there are no evidence of such an act. They suggested to use strong and hard passwords by the users instead of simple and easy passwords. Therefore, according to the official app, there is no such proof of such a breach. Users are requested to choose their passwords wisely.

Q2. Was Houseparty App Really Violating Safety Of Users?

There were various users all around the world stating that by downloading the Houseparty app. You are just giving them all your info and they are hacking your accounts. They tweeted telling that their accounts on social media like Instagram, Spotify and also email getting hacked. People also stated that they cut the money in your phone. Users also said that they got email of new people logging in their accounts. On the day they downloaded the Houseparty app.

houseparty app download, houseparty app safe to use, What is House Party App, House party app hacked, houseparty app safe, houseparty app review

However, the official app tweeted that there is no such thing. It’s a paid campaign to bring down it’s popularity. Because people out of fear are just removing the app on their phones. So it definitely became a dicey situation for other users. So as to keep the app or just delete it. Because of contradicting news flowing through the internet.

Q3. Is Houseparty App Stealing My Bank Details & Personal Data?

In this time of pandemic, when everybody is sitting back at home. Video calling apps have gained popularity but Houseparty app gained fame on another level. But then question came up about it’s privacy issues and it stealing phone contacts and data.

Many people tweeted and put up stories telling that after downloading Houseparty. Their social media accounts started getting hacked multiple times. Various users claimed that their personal data is also getting stolen. This includes their bank details even and put their money on high risk of getting stolen.

But Epic Games, it’s founder came up saying that there is no such proof of such breach. However, suggested people to create strong and different passwords for each account on social media rather than simple passwords. The strange thing was that people claimed about their personal data, bank details and payment apps like PayPal being hacked. To which, it was said that Houseparty doesn’t ask any such information. During signing up so it isn’t possible to hack all these details.


However, it is on the user to keep the app or delete it. Because according to all the news, things are confusing. As owner says that it’s a paid campaign to bring down the fame of Houseparty. Few users around the world say that it is dangerous to install this app as their accounts are getting hacked. So it definitely has become a dicey situation for people. Therefore, it is their personal choice to keep or delete it.

If You ask my personal experience and opinion on this app. I too downloaded and used the app for few days. But did delete it due to all the news filling the internet. So my personal experience wasn’t that good. But then I also came in contact with people who are still using the app. And They say it was just a gimmick to bring down the app’s name and gain publicity.

However, only around 30% of users have left the app. But 70% still are on the Houseparty app. But the question still arises that what if all these news were not a rumour but all truth? So it’s your personal choice to keep or delete it.


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